Dream Way Pictures Inc
FIlm production company
2785 Ocean Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11235


Dream Way Pictures INC is a film production company aimed at creating high-quality feature films for a broad audience. Created by science fiction writer Marat Kabi. 






Marat Sarsembayev 

Chief Executive officer   

Mansur Sarsembayev- Chief Creative Officer

Mansur Sarsembayev

Chief Creative Officer


Maxud Sarsembayev

President, Feature film production






Борьба за огонь (Главный постер)



The Quest for Fire


100 thousand years BC. The Ulam tribe loses fire in the fierce battle with the Minotaurs. A brave warrior Naoh with two young warriors go in search of fire, in order to save their tribe from death. Dangerous, but fascinating adventures are awaiting them. On their way they will meet: Centaurs, Cannibals, Red dwarfs, Watermen, Cave lion, Mammoths and much more… Will they return as heroes or die in The Quest for Fire?   




Night Ghost Operation. Poster 1


“Night Ghost” Operation


2007. During the secret operation to seize the drug lord in the jungles of Mexico, the special squad of David O'Connell dies under mysterious circumstances. The Court of Inquiry accuses David of the operation failure, finds him guilty of the death of four special squad members and one undercover agent of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency). Five years later David is given an opportunity to reveal the secret of the special squad death. He is to find out the reason for the “Night Ghost” operation failure, to find the guilty and punish them.